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My Laundry brings along with Electrolux the concept of self service laundry closer to you, which is widely spread and appreciated in other countries. We designed an area where you can be comfortable and not get bored while the professional equipments work instead of you…and all of this because we know how it feels when you need your favorite blouse and don’t have the time to wait for it to get dry naturally or you have to go through the trouble to squeeze in a fluffy blanket that does not really fit in the drum…
At My Laundry all of these worries… are gone!


All 3 machines are suitable for washing and drying all kind of fabric, including towels, linens, duvets, blankets and pillows. Depending on what you want to wash, you will select one of the 3 washer cycles.


Each of the 2 dryers has a load capacity of 14 kg/30lbs and the minimum drying time takes 20 minutes.


Mix pleasure with business ! Sit down on the couch and watch your favorite series/ movie. Or maybe you prefer to chat with a friend….enjoy! Wi-Fi is free !


Instructions for use

Washing instructions

  1. Load the clothes in one of the machines ;
  2. Select the washing program that you want (according to the label). For dirtier clothes choose a longer program time and extra rinsing if it’s necessary;
  3. Go to the payment machine. On the screen it is shown the amount of money to be paid for the selected program. Pay by card or cash (follow the instructions shown on the screen);
  4. Return to the washing machine and press the turning button “START” to start the washing program.

Drying instructions

  1. Load the washed clothes in one of the 2 dryers;
  2. Select the drying temperature: low, medium, high;
  3. Return to the payment machine;
  4. Pay the requested amount;
  5. After paying the amount, the dryer will start automatically or manually by pressing the button.

Payment machine instructions

  1. Insert coins or cash;
  2. Press the button that corresponds with the number of the machine;
  3. Confirm by pressing “ENTER”;”
  4. Return to the washing machine and press the button “START” to start the washing program.


Depending on the selected program, the washing cycle takes 35-47 minutes

Price List

Washing cycle

Starting from 10 Lei

Note :

If you have inserted more money than requested, the machine will return you the change.

The payment machine accepts 0,50 RON coins and 1, 5, 10 RON bills

House Rules

  • Empty your pockets and close all zippers before washing or drying;
  • Don’t overload the machines;
  • After using the machine leave the door open;
  • If you have been using the laundry baskets, put them back where you got them/in their place;
  • If you consumed food and drinks in the laundry room, clean after you;
  • The consumption of alcohol and smoking are strictly forbidden in the laundry room;
  • Pets are allowed in the laundry room but their safety depends on you;
  • You wash and dry at your own risk. We do not take responsibility if the laundry is damaged during washing or drying if you did not follow the instructions on the label.

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Where do you find us

My Laundry is located close to the student dorms on 44, Victoriei Boulevard, Sibiu


Bd-ul Victoriei nr. 44

550024, Sibiu


+40 726 007 564

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